At Comfort Living Ltd., we are passionate about delivering exceptional client experiences through unmatched reach and out-sized influence in Dhaka’s biggest markets. Staring our journey in 2006, Comfort Living Ltd. is backed by over a decade’s worth of insights and expertise. Above all, we are passionate about delivering unparalleled experiences. We represent owners of all sizes across all industries, our goal is to achieve your objectives more easily.

By helping agents to be exceptional at what they do, we are ensuring that our clients receive the best level of service. From sales to rentals and new development, our agents are relentless advocates for our clients. Our team is the top in the industry — they have access to the best and most reliable information and education, allowing them to expertly advise at every stage.

Comfort Living Ltd. utilizes the best of building materials and completing projects to guarantee sturdiness and consumer loyalty. Our name has stood for excellence in real estate. Directly serving clients or helping our agents do their jobs better, we’re a dedicated team of dreamers, doers, solvers, and helpers.